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How to Stay DRIVEN as a small business owner.

Looking for motivation! I've got some for you!

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What's the best thing about being a small business owner?! I will always say being your own boss! Who wouldn't want the power to decide when you will and won't work. Being able to create a schedule that fits your needs exactly is one of the greatest perks of owning your own small business.

But, there's always a catch..

In today's busy world where it is almost impossible to not get distracted, staying driven is a job in and of itself. There's no boss to tell you when to work and when not to & so there is no boss to make sure you are continually making progress.

When you are working at home after a while things that were once new, like a small business, become the norm. The extra special time you would spend is no longer new. You have to recommit everyday to your business & sometimes that is in small steps.

There is no magical pill that exists and keeps you committed to performing your best each day. Motivation isn't too hard to find if you're willing look for it.

Here are my tips and tricks to keep myself motivated.


The first thing I always do when I'm not feeling motivated is... I buy a cute planner! I know planners, pffft, who uses a pen and paper any more. I think taking the time out of your morning routine to write down what you want to get done that day helps to create motivation. I will write out specific things I want to get done.

Once I check something off of that list I feel empowered to keep going and to get those other boxes marked. It's funny that something so simple can give you power. But trust me those cute planners call my name, something about a newly bound planner that just gets me. PLUS, once I fill one I can buy another!

Planners of any sort work fantastic. Whether that be app, paper, notebook, planner, or even white board! Buying a planner that helps you keep your days in order is a must. (It doesn't even have to be bought. If you want to print out a planner of your own you can do so.)

Here's a couple planners I have bought in the past && loved!


Next, you've gotta set goals. When there isn't a boss telling you to reach certain goals it can get daunting to take on an entire business. & when I say set goals I mean realistic goals. Reaching for the stars is important, but there is a bit of realism that must come through in your goals.

Being your own business owner is truly you learning how to be a boss. Being a leader isn't easy and although you have to be hopeful, you also must know where to draw lines. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Time Specific).

Your goals can be as simple as doing marketing for 15 minutes a day. Over time daily goals will add up to bigger goals. It's important to break things down for yourself. More than likely as a small business owner you are wearing the hat of every single position bigger companies have hired specific people for. So break it down in the same way.


Once you have your goals all set, it's time to work on them. The number one thing I see people doing is setting goals and then doing one or two and giving up on the rest til they re-motivate themselves weeks later.

You simply can't do this! There is progress to be made and if you don't have a boss let me be that motivation. Get that booty in gear! The time is now. When you are months down the road you want to look back at all your hard work and say "wow, I did that", not "wow I wonder where my business could be".

Being a small business owner means that you get to set the terms and that means that you have all the potential in the world.

Get out there and get it done!


The final step is to make sure to set rewards for yourself. This is a great way to set that motivation up for yourself! How are you supposed to want to get things done when the reward is months in the future. Reward yourself with a popsicle! Something small and immediate. It's so important to take that reward for your hard work.


Also set aside time for yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in work. Especially when home life and work life start to intertwine. There is always work to be done. So make sure you set aside that time for you. If you work yourself dry, your motivation will also disappear.

Motivation is something you have to be continually adding too. You can and will run out if you aren't continually growing it. Make sure to focus on you somedays! It's important. You are important. You're business is important! Look back in a couple months and be proud of how far you've come!

You've got this !


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