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How to Set Up Your Day for Success for Small Business Owners

One of the things that I struggle with the most is staying motivated all day. I will randomly get huge bursts of energy that I use to clean my entire apartment or sit down and write tons of blog posts. But they don't last.

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Those of you who are also small business owners know the pain. It's incredibly hard to motivate yourself when you are the only one doing the motivating.

&&& that was what set me on my journey to figure out how to help strengthen my energy to last the entire day. One of the major things that I did was figure out why my energy was decreasing.

I encourage you to do the same. Once I realized what was taking my energy up so quickly I was able to take a step back. As a small business owner that can become tricky when what is taking up your energy is your business & livelihood.

One thing I quickly did was start this list of things I do everyday to keep my energy.

Drink a full glass of water or juice

First things first, I start the day with a full glass of water or juice. Some people like milk...I'm not a person who drinks milk alone much, so I would suggest chocolate milk if you are a milk drinker.

Just getting your body started on that digestive track seemed to boost my energy in the mornings almost immediately.

Bed making, room cleaning

Then I make my bed. Personally, I feel like I can work my best in a clean environment. Not everyone is this way, so work with what you can but for me cleaning my environment helps me concentrate.

Small or light workout

I usually then do some yoga or a small work out. Somedays I have more time to get a bigger workout in, but usually I don't. So I just hope out and get my blood flowing.

Get yourself ready

Then I get ready myself. Somedays I would just wake up and start working right away, but then days go by and I realized I hadn't showered, because the only people I see daily is my husband and my cat and they don't care what I look or smell like.

So I decided to start getting myself ready. This does a big number on me because when I am ready I want to be careful with my hair or I don't want to lay down because my mascara can smear.

Being mindful about my appearance also just sparks something inside me that drives me to get things done. When I look the part I act the part.

Eat a hearty breakfast

After I am ready and my environment is ready I eat. i make sure I take my vitamins and get breakfast inside me. Some people work better on an empty stomach but not me! I usually have a shorter temper and then I tend to get frustrated and give up.

Then I take time to grow myself. BEFORE I dive into work I take out a journal and jot down some thoughts. This helps me clear out my mind as well.


Then... I dive into work. I usually make it a good distance and then I end up losing momentum. So I set goals for myself. Keeping a planner is so important and I suggest getting a planner you can write things on. For me technology is a distraction most of the time so I try hard to keep what I can written on paper.

Once you have your planner plan out what you are going to get done. I know these seem like things your mom always told you growing up, but it's because the basics work.

Get out there and get things written down. Once it's written in the world I feel like I am able to better hold myself accountable. Especially as a small business owner you know how hard it is to motivate yourself to keep going when you are wearing all the hats.

Timer Break

Sometimes not even my planner can motivate me. When this happens I set a timer and I take some time to relax. Don't overuse this though. It's good to get some time to take a break but if misused you start to bleed into getting nothing done.

I usually set a 30 minute timer and go do something that I want to do. After the timer runs out I go back to my planner and goals and start plugging away. Somedays it's incredibly hard to push through.


Push through a little, but don't be too hard on yourself. Frequently I push myself and when I do I break through the "lazy layer" and I can get so much done. I usually set rewards for myself. Simple things like giving myself an Sparkling Ice drink when I am done.


When it comes to staying motivated it's all about you creating an environment in which you can stay motivated. Removing distractions and getting the things done you need to in a timely manner so that you can relax.

I spend so much time just working on relaxing. That's how I look at my day, I absolutely love my job but I love relaxing just a little more.

When you are in that stage where you feel like you can't get anything done and you just want to lay about push yourself a little. And if you mess up and don't get up that day it's okay. Make sure to get up the next day and prepare yourself.

The way I look at it you can either push yourself today or push yourself tomorrow, but tomorrow you'll look at yesterday and wish you had pushed yourself.

Always just be your best self and that's all you can ask of yourself.

Let me know down below some of your favorite ways to get your day started & how you keep yourself motivated.


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