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How to Find Clients!

Starting a photography business can be daunting. But not having the clients is even more daunting. Putting yourself out there and saying your a photographer often gets a couple side eyes.

I remember the feeling well when I was starting out. Almost nobody took me seriously. You?! A photographer? Yeah right, you might as well just go out and say you're a millionaire. People don't take you seriously.

So HOW in the world are you supposed to find clients when nobody will treat you like the hardworking photographer you are!

It's not easy. But good things never are. Finding that dream bride you've always wanted or that family that doesn't care that your price is where it's at. Trust me it comes, and it doesn't need to take forever either.

These are exactly the steps I used when I began my journey to finding clients, and that I used again when I had to move my business and start over.

#1 Utilize Social Media

I'm assuming you already know how to use hashtags and tags and geotags! If you don't go check out my other post giving you more details on these! Social media can be used so much more than just hashtags.

It's hard to do and it takes a lot of time but using social media is so important. Create a presence on social media. Post every day, and ask questions. Interact with followers. Now I don't just mean on your own posts. Go out and like their posts and comment on their posts!

Comment on other photographers posts. Just be as active as you can. Create group messages where you ask other photographers questions! These are things that Instagram will see and will put you higher on the explore pages!

Not only can you use Instagram, but you can use Pinterest & Facebook & Twitter. Get a presence everywhere. They are free to sign up for, so why not!

Make sure you take time to post regularly. When I first was starting my instagram I would post daily. It took a lot in my to do so but my instagram was able to grow to over 10K followers in just over 1 year!

Being consistent is so important. Not only do you need to be consistent with posts but with interacting. Use your Instagram stories and get people to tap on your story more than just to the next story. Ask questions and get them to take polls! It's free to do, so use it!

Basically, if it's free... USE IT!

Go to other photographers pages that you look up to or that have your dream clients & copy them! See how they lay out an instagram and then take it and make it your own. After you have a layout you like go to those brides and find their friends!

It sounds a tad bit like a stalker... but you're simply going to go like their photos and comment on them! They will see your instagram handle and might check you out! Promise it works! Interacting is all you need to do!

My numbers went way up as soon as I decided to start interacting with people. In this way social media can be draining because it takes so much time, but I like to look at it as helping other photographers as well.

You create insta-friendships and they are so fun!

#2 You need to put yourself out there!

It can be so hard to do this in person, but it is so important to getting clients that you want... the paying kind! I would look at it this way, in the end you're going to soar. So if someone judges you know they will bite their tongue in the future!

You have to have that kind of confidence in yourself! If you need some motivation step over to my other blog post that talks about motivating yourself as a small business owner! But girl, you got this! Don't ever think that because you aren't a big photographer yet that it's not something to brag about.

Starting a business, no matter what level is super hard work. But it's also worth it, getting to live out your dream job.

So next time you feel judged for putting yourself out there, just know they are actually just jealous.

#3 Business Cards

The time that it takes to make business cards and the cost of business cards are 100% worth it! I would do it over and over again!

I made my business cards through Vistaprint. They are affordable and fantastic quality. I would recommend them again and again. They have tons of different styles to choose from.

You can use this code for 20% off your first order. Use code FIRSTORDER. Or if you'd prefer for free shipping use code: FREESHIP. You can't use both of these codes at once but you can use one!

The best part about business cards is they can be used multiple places. You can give some to friends and family. You can spread them out over different stores and companies that also work in the wedding industry or whatever industry to photograph.

This is definitely one of the most overlooked marketing strategies, that I have had success through. Not only has it helped me stretch into Family photography more, but it has gotten me more clients.

When you are just starting out finding clients is overwhelming. It just is. But by taking these steps I promise you it will start to feel less overwhelming.

Just remember not to compare yourself to your competition. Compare yourself to where you were yesterday. You are your only competition.

When you set your goals and you work hard you will achieve them, and you will get that bride in the bahamas!

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