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How to Create Pins to go Viral in 2020

Pinterest is a fantastic tool that can be used to grow any business, blog, or social media! It's an amazing way to grow businesses. I truly didn't understand it's power until I started looking into it.

So many people have had such a great success. I spent hours and hours and lots of money trying to figure out and learn what people were doing right and what I was doing wrong.

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One thing I quickly learned is that there are good pins and there are bad pins. People can make pins that are a bad quality or that won't bring in clicks. After a long time I discovered that Pinterest was all about trial and error.

Pins are one way that trial and error needs to be implemented. I read all about how to make good pins and I spent hours and hours creating good pins. In 2020 Pinterest came out and said that reposting the same pins over and over again will cause them to get less impressions, so here we are now stuck in creating as many pins as possible and creating pins that are good content?

Good Content Design

But what does good content mean. I honestly believe that it is different for every niche. For me personally I have seen that simple and minimal pins tend to do well. Pinterest likes to see a variety so I try to do super simple pins and then more elaborate pins.

The biggest thing you need to remember though when creating pins is that you need to create pins that aren't clickbait but that are eye catching.

You don't want Pinterest to flag you as being spammy so you have to make sure you aren't just sticking a photo on your pin that doesn't make any kind of sense.

You also want to make sure that your words on your pin stick out. They need to be easy to read. Your pin has about 3 seconds to capture your audience. It needs to stand out.

Not only in design but in word choice. Your pins and headings need to be specific. If you create pins that are bland and the word choice is used everywhere you will run into problems with trying to get your pin viewed.

Good Content Titles

When you are creating your headings and titles of your articles the most helpful tip I was given was to use the Pinterest suggested searches. For example, when you type in the word photography what comes up next.

Pinterest is just the visual google. It's algorithm isn't quite as complex but it works the same way where the most searched gets suggested at the top. So be sure to add some of those words into your title and into your description.

Good Content Descriptions

Be sure to add good descriptions to every pin you make. BUT, and that's a big BUT, don't be spammy. You have to remember that just like google if your website seems suspicious you will get put down in suggestions that are given to people.

You don't want to be shadow banned so I would make sure you write out a complete little paragraph that describes what your article covers.

Be creative and throw in a couple of those keywords here and there.

Make sure that you use words that apply best to your niche though and make sure you aren't sending out false information. I have a couple times tried to "enhance" the way my article sounds, but if you do this the people reading your article won't stay on your website long.

These stats are sent to Pinterest algorithm. The longer people spend on your website the better for your analytics. **Remember Pinterest isn't here for you it's here for people spending time on their app. They get money from people seeing ads.


Good Content Hashtags

Hashtags always seem like too complicated to understand. I haven't even fully begun to understand hashtags yet, but from my own experience I have seen a ton more impressions and views on my pins that I do use actual hashtags and those that I don't.

When you are working on creating pins and the descriptions it's easy for hashtags to get covered up and put on the back burner. But hashtags really do tag your article into a certain topic.

I also use the keyword search that I use for descriptions here in hashtags. When you are thinking about what hashtags to use look at other people in your niche for ideas. I go to other photographers and try to decide which ones they are using the most and which ones will work.

Good Content Boards

The same thing as pins, Pinterest Boards are under the exact same rules. When you are creating pins you need to keep in mind the boards you will be pinning them to. Follow the same rules in creating your board names and descriptions.

People follow just boards. So make sure you put just as much effort into naming your boards and creating your board descriptions as you put into your pins.


When it comes to creating quality pins you just need to put in the time and research to see what works best.

I write out what works and I write out what doesn't. Every niche is a little different so make sure that you look to the people who are doing what you want to be doing and copy them!

I share what I can but most of the time you learn best from just going out and doing it yourself. Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that is a lot harder to understand simply because you are working on a basic SEO platform.

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