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51+ Poses for Couples Every Photographer Should Know

When it comes to photography, one of the hardest parts is definitely posing your couple. That's your responsibility. Often times couples will come with a couple poses they want but in the end having a list to help you is never a bad idea.

I created this list when I started photography & I just kept it in my notes. Whenever I felt like I wasn't able to think of any pose I would reference back to my list. This helped me feel less stress both on the way to the shoot and while I was there.

There is no shame in referring to a list. Especially when you are starting out, but even as a well seasoned photographer I don't have shame in checking out a pose idea that I wrote down.

(Read to the bottom to see the link to this printable list!)

I believe your couple would rather you have had the good idea and posed them creatively than just stuck with the same 5 the entire shoot.

But here's my list for you to download. Follow this link to the downloads page, BUT come back. I'm going to be explaining them all here for you! It's pretty tricky to write out poses, so reference this blog whenever you forget what I meant by one of the poses!

Some of these poses I won't include pictures for because they are self explanatory but for most of them I will show an example of what I mean!

  • Hugging cheek to cheek looking at the camera

This one is pretty self explanatory, but simply having your couple be close can let you get a cute cuddly look, while also zooming in and getting a cool eye shot!

  • Hugging her from behind & looking at each other

This one I often times will have one of my clients stand in front of the other and whenever the person in the back wants to they can run up and give them a HUGE bear hug from behind!

This usually results in fun laughs and giggles from both of them.

  • Stomach to stomach, arms around laughing

GET THEM CLOSE! I see couples pictures all the time where the clients are hugging but there is an awkward space in between them. Just get rid of that. There is no reason for that awkward space and I always say "No more room for Jesus, y'all in love!"

  • kiss her face all over

This pose comes right after the above pose. While being stomach to stomach you have one of them kiss the other all over their face! & I mean it, rapid fire kisses!!

  • her face over his shoulder

After you have gotten that classic looking at each other simply turn them around and get that feminine shot where the woman is looking over the shoulder. If the couple has flowers bring those into the frame too!

  • Her hugging from behind, hand on shoulders looking at me

Have the woman behind the man. This is one of my absolute favorite pictures for bridals. It's a beautiful look.

  • Same as above but look at each and kiss his cheek

Here you are capturing the same angel you just have the girl reach up and lay one on him!

  • lift her up, notebook style

Photoshoots are the perfect opportunity to feel like a princess, so I say add all the lifts, which includes the notebook shot! Get it, because why not!

  • ring shot

This one is obviously for engaged couples & can be done in a lot of different ways. I personally love the flowers on top of the rings. If they aren't engaged and don't have rings just get that classic hand shot.

  • from above, have them lay down and get an angle up high

For this one you have the couple lay down and have their heads on each others shoulders! It's a great way to get a completely new angle. It also usually ends in laughter. They can be the same directions or opposite, either pose is super cute!

  • walking away

This one is a little artsy but usually works great. Have the couple hold hands and simply walk away. I use this shot to get a good angle of the scenery.

  • walking towards, hip bumping

Have them turn right back around and face you walking toward you. The easiest way to make this one super cute is to have them hip bump while they are walking toward you.

I have had couples take it a little to literally and actually bump the other out of frame, so just make sure to say to bump into each other playfully.

  • sitting down, in between legs, arms around her

Another fun different angle. Get them to sit down. Have one person a little higher up be in the back and have the other right in between their legs. Then have the person in front turn to face the back just slightly.

Wrap arms around the person in front and then have them lean back into the person holding them!

  • forehead to forehead

Classic! doubt this one needs much explaining! BUT I usually try to grab a cute pic of my couples with the sun rays coming through or a cool looking structure!

  • details of arms wrapped around

When you have them in a position where their arms are all intertwined or they are hugging I love to get a close up of arms. Usually people forget to get those detail shots, so don't forget them.

This is a great way to get a picture of any lace in a dress!

  • whispering in ears — “use a sexy voice”

While their arms are wrapped around from the previous have a little laugh moment. Some couples have a hard time being candid, so having them say a little prompt can make that a whole lot easier on you!

This is a prompt I use all the time and I tend to change it up. I say "whisper ___________ into her ear in your sexy voice." Sometimes I say vegetable or cereal, it's truly up to you!

  • kiss her forehead while holding her jawline

This is for one of those cute pics of the girl pics!

  • Bring her in super tight and don’t let him kiss you

After they have just tried to sexy kiss haha, now you have the fun kiss! Tell her to not let him kiss her! After him trying and trying then let them kiss and they usually have a more smiley kiss.

  • smile teeth kiss, “kiss without lips”

I often tell my clients to teeth kiss, which just means to kiss without lips. It's so easy to get that cheesy smiley kiss this way. Tell them to hold it until it gets too awkward haha!

  • romantic almost kiss

This is super similar to the above bunch but just get that cute moment right before. I usually try to put a little sun beam in between them to make it look like the light/sparks are flying!

  • goof around, talk about your best Inside Joke

Having your clients act like themselves is hard, but that's why I include all these fun prompts! Make sure to have them share their inside jokes in front of you!

By having your couples participate in funny prompts and by having them be theirselves, they will likely have a great time and recommend people to you! Remember you gotta be memorable!

  • “airplane” her in front arms out & grab hands, now Fly!

This one is a classic shot that is just difficult to explain. Pretty much as I said above. You just put her in front and put arms out and grab hands and then fly! It's super easy to get some candids here!

After a minute of awkward flying around have him wrap her up in another bear hug!

  • Wide angle shot, take a few steps back

Don't forget to get those wide angle shots! The ones where they are a dot in the picture. These are always some of my favorite shots.

  • frame the pic with something, a veil, nature, prism or flower

Framing a picture can take any pose and make it look way more professional. I often do this with pictures of my couples sitting down. It's easiest this way, but you can also do it with them standing up.

  • piggy back ride, try to get her to fall off

Piggy back ride pictures are a classic, but I like to get the candids too. So I often will grab the shot of them both looking at me and then each other, and then I will tell them to try to get her to fall off. It makes for some funny pictures!

  • the selfie, have your couple take a selfie

I think this idea is super cute, you have your couple take the camera and take a selfie. Obviously you might have to help them set it up so they are in frame.

You don't even have to have them actually hold the camera they can completely pretend.

  • force a laugh, make it super loud—Tends to induce real laughs

Induce real laughter while hugging each other. Have them laugh super loud and then they will start laughing. This one can get awkward, but what I do to avoid this is have them laugh forehead to forehead like this!

  • her face on his chest looking at camera, him looking over her

For this one they are stomach to stomach and you are getting another one of those pretty feminine looking ones!

  • same as above but have her close eyes

Same thing just close the eyes.

  • Capture the feet

Often times I think people forget the details. This is how I capture feet. I will usually put the bouquet down. But you also don't have to have flowers.

You can also do this while they are barefoot or just sitting down with each other.

  • take a picture of their shadows

Just have them stand next to each other looking each other. This one can also be done with reflections.

  • pinky promise

Have them pinky promise and kiss their hands

  • his hands holding her

Put his hands around her waist and grab a picture of them. This is a great way to get a picture of the back of wedding dresses.

  • silhouettes

This picture is for evening shoots that have drifted into blue hour. I have gotten some of favorite shots this way though!

  • dancing with each other

Usually get some classics here too!

  • spin her and then end in a hug

This one is just to end out the dancing! I have them spin in for a hug!

  • dip her like your fav chips in your fav sauce

There are two kinds of dips. There is a serious dip where she is too the floor and foot up...

  • lil dip, just a small back bend backwards

...&&& then there's a lil dip. I personally prefer the look of the little dip but some people like the other dips too. I have had some dancer that blow me away with the deep dip!

  • kiss and foot pop

The classic from Princess Diaries! Gotta get it!

  • Sunflare— play with this one!!

Sunflares are so much fun, and there are lots of poses you can do. With a camera that can shoot on manual you can create amazing results with back lighting.

On an iPhone back lighting doesn't look as good, but light from behind with a nice camera is magically. Trust me just play with it!

  • Backwards piggy back, have her in front, & him lean forward

Mixing it up! Just the same as the piggy back but in reverse! I also have him try to knock her off but by leaning forward. Also have her kick her feet out!

  • her on his shoulders

Some couples can't do this one so just be aware, but if they can I think this pose is adorable! But you can have her sit on his shoulders. BUT if they can't you can do an alternative one instead. Have her arms over his shoulder.

  • Walking with her koala bearing his arm, hold his hand and arm

This is another classic walking photo, but for this photo I would have her hug his arm. So both hands on him. I would also make sure they look at each other.

  • put your arm around her and her arm around him, pull in kiss

Same walking pose as above looking at each other, just have his arm around her like they are best friends on a walk.

  • sit down, her legs over his

This one is another cute sitting down one. I do this one a lot for indoor shoots with a couch, but it can work outdoors too. When in doubt tell them to get cuddly.

  • sit down arms over his, stomach to stomach

Another cute sitting down one, this one is hard to explain...sooooo here.

  • same as above but look at each other forehead to forehead

You can do a couple different combinations with the above pose! I do some forehead to forehead and some kissing action! You can also do some tickling. Just get lots of cute candids.

  • same as above and kiss

Don't forget the romantic shot too!

  • walking away kissing

Have them put their arms around each other and walk away from you. Then give each other a kiss!

  • Hands from below

This one is artsy. Get that shot from below! It's easy to get from a super low angle. I sometimes have to lay on the ground, but if you have a camera with a movable screen then you can fake being on the ground!

  • Hands up on top of each other by the moon

This one is another just fun artsy one, get their hands up by the moon. It makes for a fun black and white or color image!

  • Holding hands standing apart looking at each other, then run in for the hug

Have your couple stand apart and look opposite directions from each other. Then after they have stood there and you got a fun wide angle, have them look at each other. They usually smile, then have them run in and hug it out!

They can also just stand near looking in opposite directions. This is to get that stoic look.

I usually end my sessions with one last kiss photo, and then we wrap it up! I also ask my couple if there is anything else they might need like a head shot of each of them.

FINALLY! I have put this list into one document for you so you can have them anywhere at anytime! Follow this link to go check them out!

downloads page

One of the most important tidbits of information I can share is to make your couple comfortable. It's so easy to not feel comfortable in front of a camera. Especially if you haven't had your picture taken in a while.

I use a lot of prompts to ease that tension, and usually by like pose 5 they are more natural. Don't be worried about doing the same pose over again. I do that often. Sometimes doing the same pose twice will result in totally different photos, because by the end of the shoot they are usually a lot more comfortable.

But in the end, just have fun with them and these poses! Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any fun poses I missed!


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