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5 Amazing Ways on How To Grow a Following on Instagram in 2020

We've all been there! We've all had that moment where we looked at our instagram and felt like there was something more we could be doing!

These tips are the tips people "forget" to tell you or don't want to, & from my own experience, what works the best for small business Instagrams & personal bloggers.

Especially when you are trying to grow a business having an Instagram that has a significant following can help in more ways than one.

But just like any SEO or social media platform you have to play with what works and what doesn't since the algorithm is always changing.

Here is what I have learned from my experience with Instagram in the past 2 years of growing my account.

So let's start on this path for what you CAN be doing when it feels like you've done everything!


Networking is the foundation of any social media growth and it took me way to long to learn. Business is all about connections and so is social media. If you don't network you aren't going to grow, or you will grow at the rate of snail.

This one is can get boring if you're not truly putting in effort and making the connections. When I say network I really mean it. You have to reach out to people. You have to put the first foot forward. Making connections in the state you are living in is always a great idea.

When Instagram sees that you are putting in effort to talk with people that live near you and see your constantly online you will get a boost. I found that on days when I did this my posts saw a lot more reaction.

So go like others photos and comment on them genuine comments. In my experience commenting with more than three words is best. Not only that but respond to peoples stories.

Networking reaches to your stories too. Ask questions or give prompts. Depending on the season you could do a "this or that" challenge for pumpkin spice things or summer favorites. Just getting people to interact with your account is the important part of networking.

Social media is about being social so spending time creating "insta"friends as I call them is a great way to get networking to work in your favor.

2. Check your Analytics

When you feel like you have done all you can in Networking, start checking your analytics. Looking at what you are doing to see what is working and what isn't is crucial in creating your game plan.

Check when people are most active. Write down when you are going to post next and make sure you are aligning that with the most interaction times and days. It's crazy how much good this can do for your account rather than just posting randomly each day.

You can also look at your target audience. Since I bet you have a brand you are trying to work on you can also include your target audience to decide what you are going to post.

Being able to say I am trying to get women to interact with my posts is a great way to then look at your posts and get them to cater to those groups of people! For instance, if you are trying to get women to interact working in shades of pastel pinks, and for men you could try colors like blues and grays and blacks.

This all depends on your branding, but analytics and brand go hand in hand. So if you're not sure what your brand is yet I would go work on that first! Subscribe to my list to get the notification when I post my article on branding!

3. Message People

Going back to the networking, you can also just message people. Responding to stories is the best way to do this, like I mentioned about but one thing you can also do is create group chats.

Sometimes I have seen this become a little crowded but if you are involved in some group chats you can instantly gain followers by just getting to know someone. People are more likely to follow someone they know.

So, for instance, my photography page I have a couple different photographer group chats that I am a part of. We talk about all sorts of things but mainly relating to photography. As soon as I joined most of the other photographers followed me and I followed them back.

If you don't know of any group chats then I would start your own. Get to know some people and then create group chats.

When you create group chats you can also create chats of people who are willing to post comments on each others posts and let people know when you post. I would be careful though, because I have heard that these group chats tend to get caught in the algorithm and instagram will have their pages have less impressions if it seems to spammy.

So keep it to a minimum or start the group chat outside of Instagram! But just be sure to be spending some time on instagram messaging because in the same way that Facebook rates your response rate, Instagram does as well.

4. Save images

Go around and save some images. I do this when I am bored because I like to get inspiration for photoshoots that I want to create or style.

You're probably asking, how does this even help though? This goes right back to the same above mentioned comments. INTERACT! Instagram and all social media platforms are all about seeing that you are active and that you are present.

They promote people being on their app because then they get people on their app longer, which means more ads can show and they make more money. So. Stay on the app doing what you can.

Sometimes I will get distracted saving stories but I go through and I use that time I spend saving images to actually grow my inspiration boards. I feel like you can do this with all kinds of businesses not just photography.

5. Plan out your Feed & Stories

Going back to the drawing board is always helpful. There are tons of apps that allow you to create feeds and check to see if you like the way they look. This one will help you be consistent.

That was the hardest part for me when growing my instagram, but it made the biggest difference. You don't want to just spew out content. You want it to be quality. People are going to keep coming back for more if they love you and your content whatever that may be.

So being able to lay out what you are going to post makes the posting so much easier. Each week I look at my social media and I decide what I am going to post on which day. This goes right back to being on top of your business.

If you set goals and you set what you are going to do each day, it makes getting tasks done a whole lot easier.

The different apps that I use to plan out my instagram are Plann & Planoly. Both are on the app store and I have loved both. They both have free options and monthly subscriptions. They both let you schedule posts too if you pay for subscription!

Spending time on social media can be daunting and seeing your numbers move up slowly is also hard. I honestly felt at one point that I was just done with social media because the algorithm does change.

There will be days when you just want to give up but I promise you it's worth it to stick it out. Your dream job is on the line and I know that with persistence you can grow.

It's just like your physics high school teacher said, it takes power and time to get the ball rolling but once it is moving it MOVES! Just get the ball rolling, some people take longer than others, so also remember not to compare yourself to anyone else's middle!

Comment below if you have any other suggestions that I missed for how to get your instagram rolling!

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